We are Dude I.T.
A people support company.

Here at Dude I.T. we pride ourselves as not just a technical support company, but a you support company.

The product we offer is simple:

A problem that gets solved and stays solved.

Through comprehensive technical support and personalized training on the products you use, we make your stuff work for you. Consider us your own, personalized I.T. support service. Always specific to you, always specific to your platforms.

"I'm pretty sure there is an easier way to do this..."

There probably is! Through the various types of support we offer, we can obviously fix that pesky virus and help you set up iCloud, but we can also resolve some of the issues that you're running into in your day to day workflow. Have us take a look at the way you operate your life or small business and we can let you know if there is a better way!

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So, how can we help??

Give us a shout. We'll unbreak what got broke