We are Dude I.T.

An I.T. support company with an emphasis on you.

Justin Fitch - Owner and I.T. consultant.

Spending over 7 years in the tech support industry teaches you a lot about people and the relationships we have with our technology. We design and implement new products with hopes that they will make our lives easier. Then they don't. And we're mad. Justifiably so! My $2000 computer is supposed to work. When it doesn't, we want justice. This is why Dude I.T. exists.

Sometimes, that trip to the tech support counter isn't enough. Sometimes, it actually causes more problems. Where has the personal touch gone? Why can't someone break down what sometimes is a complicated subject matter in a way that we can understand? Again, this is why Dude I.T. exists.

Before spending a lot (too much) of my personal free time in front of PC's, I started my career in tech support at the Apple Store. I spent six and a half years learning the ins and outs of customer service from the best in the business and began to notice a gap. People loved the support we offered but did not like the appointment times, the crowded store, or the small window of time we had to figure out an issue. I decided to take my skillset on the road. This is why Dude I.T. exists.

We exist to bring personal, high level, hands on customer service to your home or office. Best of all, we're not limited to your platform. With years of experience in both PC and Mac environments, we are savvy in most available technologies that are currently out there from iPad based Point of Sales solutions to the various CRM options out there such as Salesforce or Insightly. We can adapt to your environment. We exist to help you.

Give us a shout, see if we can help you out. I'm almost postitive we can.

- Justin Fitch