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Home / Office Tech Support

Certified software and hardware support for your Mac or PC. We offer on site diagnosis and overnight turn around times on most repair projects. From hard drive replacements to virus removals, we got you covered.

On-Site Consulting Services

Implementing new hardware and software technologies into your life or business can be difficult and often daunting. With our extensive knowledge on the various software and hardware solutions available out there, we can find what's best for your computing style.

On-Site Training and Instruction

Sometimes, all we need is someone to look over our shoulder and point us in the right direction. We offer computer and technology training services that are designed to help you make sense of your technology. Need help working through Mac OS? Windows 8? Maybe your iPhone? We've got you covered.'

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Our general cost for services and consultations is $125 Per Hour + Travel. With that said, we keep our price points flexible. If we find a quick resolution to your issue or if we found that we needed to dig a little deeper for a solution, we're going to work out a price that makes sense for you.

For larger jobs such as network installations, system upgrades and/or hardware and software implementations, we're happy to set up a free consultation to determine the potential costs for your project.

Tech Support Services

We provide on-site technical services for your home or office machines whether its a Mac or a PC! Examples of work we excel at include:

  • Virus Removal / System Optimization and Defragmentation
  • Network Setup / Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Setting up / Configuring Hardware and Cloud Based Backups
  • Custom Build PC's

    There are many versions and variations of technical support that might be needed in your specific setting. Give us a call at no cost to you and we'll let you know if it's something we can fix. And if we can't fix it, we're happy to point you in the right direction to get your issue resolved. We understand that sometimes, we're not the right option. We like to call this our "We won't waste your time" policy.

  • Consulting Services

    Finding the right hardware and software solutions for your day to day workflow can be daunting. Small businesses need to run efficently. That's a cold hard fact. The technological luxuries of the 21st century enable us to not only maximize our time, but maximize profits. More time + more money = happy business owners. It's pretty simple math. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Implementing CRM's (Customer Relation Management Systems) for keeping track of customer interactions.
  • Utilizing products like Google Apps or iCloud to increase efficiency in your life and business.
  • Quicken / Quickbooks installations and upgrades so you can keep your books up to date.
  • Hardware / Software implementation and updates (because sometimes it's time to upgrade that Vaio...)

    Help us help you find the best solution for your life and small business. Not to brag or anything, but we know a lot about a lot.

  • Training Services

    Let's be honest. Sometimes, all of the features of our phones end up causing more problems than we'd like. Sometimes we buy a bunch of fancy new stuff hoping that purchasing the product will be the end of our technical issues. Most of the time, that's simply not the case. We offer comprehensive training and direciton on most hardware and software solutions available. Need help organizing photos? Want to know what the best way to back up your computer is? Want to learn how to navigate the depths of your computer more efficently? We're more than happy to sit down with you and give you some direction. Comprehensive training designed to help you work smarter.